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.Please note that from May 3rd 2016 Yorkshire Craft Fairs will no longer be organising fairs. We thank all our exhibitors for their support over the years and hope you continue to show your great products with other fair organisers in the future.

Yorkshire Craft Fairs has been organising Arts & Craft fairs since 1979, trading then under the name of its founder, and has been providing a market place for craftspeople to exhibit their products to the public since that time, and an opportunity for the public to see a wide range of crafts and gifts not available in their standard high street shops.

All our fairs are held in prestigious hotels and well known halls, situated in attractive visitor locations. All venues have been selected to provide pleasant surroundings for both visitors and exhibitors alike.

Yorkshire Craft Fairs has always had a strict policy of FREE ADMISSION TO ALL FAIRS, believing that the charging of admission to craft fairs is unfair to both exhibitor and the public. The only exception to our policy if for fairs at Duncombe Park and St Williams College, where there is a modest charge for entry to the house and historic building where the fairs are held - but only half the normal admission price..

Our aim is to provide a pleasant environment where craftspeople can exhibit their work at a reasonable cost and which will provide a pleasant day out for the whole family of visitors. For details of all our future venues and how to book, please use the links on the left hand side menu.

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